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           I believe if you take the mechanics and comedic elements of board games such as Sheriff of Nottingham or the Red Dragon Inn, which have both been played to great success on Let's Roll, and add on the realistic stakes of Hardcore Tabletop it would make for a spectacle to behold. Combining those 2 elements gets rid of the repetitive nature of monopoly boosting comedic value (Gerki, and characters created through different accents) and introduces a game that is funny in it's core to a realistic incentive like money. Gold coins could have monetary values to them. 100 dollars 200, 300. On the physical table they could possibly use nice prop coins with those values. I fear to generate return perhaps one board game must extend 1 season long, as it was with Monopoly, but if the money values go down on each game to a significant but not bank breaking degree i think having different games of the same caliber could sustain an entire season.

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    Roberto Rubiera