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What have you thrown in Anger?

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    #9439577 - 11 years ago

    I want to know what you people have thrown at another person during an episode of blind fury, and why you threw that object at the person. What you have just plain destroyed because someone got you angry is also welcome.

  • kg6ejp


    #9439645 - 11 years ago

    Just my temper. Which I am attempting to get under control.

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  • d0nut_07


    #9440027 - 11 years ago

    a pen, a large rock, my whole body and an evil look.

  • Rohair5000


    #9440519 - 11 years ago

    Haven't really thrown anything. Put my fist through a wall, though.



    #9441028 - 11 years ago

    I also want to know why you did it. The story can make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable.

  • K0Z

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    #9441582 - 11 years ago

    I died in hell mode while playing Diablo2, so I threw a punch at my computer... has a dent in it now smiley2.gif

  • CainZiex


    #9441612 - 11 years ago

    while i was playing co-op on Halo 3 legandary my partner thought it would be funny to kill me ever 5 seconds so i slapped him with the controler in the face.

  • Naepa


    #9442050 - 11 years ago

    I know I've thrown a few punches, and coat hangers, but once when I was about 8 I pissed my little brother off so much he threw a toy firetruck at me, hitting my in the head. I had to get stitches.

  • hedleschiken


    #9443151 - 11 years ago

    At people, nothing... it tends not to be a legal action to take. At people's things, oh hell yeah. I smashed into someone's car with my old japanese tonfas (they look like cop's night sticks), I knifed someone's tires, stuffed potatoes up someone's muffler, scratched up the paint job on someone's car doors...

    ...oh btw, this someone is the same person and the same car. No I didn't do it all at once.

  • WADR


    #9443164 - 11 years ago

    Multiple Xbox Live headsets.



    #9443277 - 11 years ago

    A newborn baby.

    They fly pretty funny when flung by their ankle.

  • michael5555


    #9445444 - 11 years ago

    my door because it broke off and my parents made me mad so i picked it up and threw and destroyed fine china, the stairs railing, 2 lamps, book shelf, 2 tables, the celling fan and a bunch more. (good thing my parents are rich)

  • s_ikari2015


    #9446882 - 11 years ago

    I've thrown my keyboard across the room.... on numerous occasions, to numerous keyboards. Why? Stupidity and computer games....

    Kinda like this guy..... actually quite a lot like him, only without so much screaming. smiley0.gif

    I've even done the "hunt for the Escape key that is now somewhere in the room".

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    #9447164 - 11 years ago

    In reply to s_ikari2015, #13:

    Ya that german kid is pretty crazy. Seriously his parents NEED to buy him some Qualudes.

  • rapter489


    #9458563 - 11 years ago

    Never really thrown anything. My anger was mainly it.

  • Milady


    #9458767 - 11 years ago

    I don't throw anything, I just scrunch all my anger and resentment down waiting for the day when I flip psycho stylee and take out everyone in my work with a plastic fork. I will also think cynical things about you while smiling faintly. I am that mean. Fear me.

  • ToopMaster


    #9459558 - 11 years ago

    I threw a small child once, but it was totally his fault. He and like five of his friends decided to attack me at a party and i thought it was funny for a little bit, till the little ass punched me in the balls. So i picked him up and threw him into three of his friends. Needless to say there was some crying.

  • Possumdude0


    #9460427 - 11 years ago

    A desk, once. That's the only thing I've ever thrown at a person, and thankfully I missed. But I have thrown lots of things in random directions. Backpacks, hats, pizza, whatever happens to be nearby when I'm pissed.

  • Knorkilodi


    #9463948 - 11 years ago

    The moon, everytime it tries to come back down I throw it back up.

  • KWierso


    #9463972 - 11 years ago

    In reply to Knorkilodi, #19:

    Doesn't that mean you're one of the four giants from Majora's Mask?

  • 73H1337M0053


    #9464054 - 11 years ago

    Snare drum. LOL.

  • KWierso


    #9464056 - 11 years ago

    In reply to 73H1337M0053, #21:

    I saw someone knock over one of my high school's Timpani once...

    Needless to say, he wasn't in band much longer..

  • Seatun


    #9464297 - 11 years ago

    My ex had this cat that would not stop getting into shit, and one day I caught him trying to go behind my entertainment center to take a dump, but I was being lazy and didn’t want to get up to stop him so I threw a lighter at him (in anger, a little to hard) but my intentions was just scare him off, not hit him, well my aim is better then I thought it was because the lighter hit him dead in his head. After watching the lighter (a brand new, full of lighter fluid BIC) bounce off his dome and fly about three feet in the air, I felt bad so I jumped up picked him up and started to apologize to him (like he could understand me). Anyway moral of the story is. Don’t throw lighters at cats, seeing half inch gash above their eye with blood gushing out can really bum you out.

  • blank


    #9466096 - 11 years ago

    In reply to Seatun, #23:

    Worst shit that cat never took.

  • littledrano


    #9471066 - 11 years ago

    im a mechanic and one day not all that long ago i was having a really bad day to say the least and i smashed me hand with a hammer. after a second or two just long enough for the pain to set in i decided that i didnt like my hammer any more and it ened up it the door of a customers truck mostly on the insid of it...... that was about a $1500 temper tantrum. but on the bright side they let me have the rest of the day off!! smiley0.gif