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  • JSkinner

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    #16660715 - 5 years ago

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    Craig is definitely my favourite Bond for the similar reason that Gavin said once: they're too cheesy.

    I love the dark and gritty Bond. And you can see how after years of service he's falling apart (similar to what they did with Halo 4). I'm always a huge fan of the "tragic" hero.
    That said, Skyfall fell very short of the hype for me. I enjoyed it a lot more second time I watched it but felt nothing could have topped Casino Royale.

  • RageFem


    #16666127 - 5 years ago

    I can not stand the show Family Guys and I will never understand that awful humor and appeal. The worst book for me was probably either Twilight or what I could squeak through with Delirium.

  • Quinneth


    #16666652 - 5 years ago

    That show Finding Bigfoot, it's just so bad, they go to these backwoods where every person there thinks they saw Bigfoot. The worst part about it in my opinion is that when ever they're in the woods they think every sound is Bigfoot

  • BrokenJawbone


    #16666764 - 5 years ago

    I'm probably gonna get some flack for this but I don't enjoy Game of Thrones. My brother adores the show and tries to get me to watch it.
    I also don't really like the Agents of Shield show. I tried watching it just for the sake that Agent Coulson is in it but it just didn't stick with me I guess.
    I really dislike South Park and avoid it, though I do occasionally see some clips that are kind of funny.

  • Dan1244


    #16667044 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Quinneth, #34:

    See, too me, it was so awful it was fun to watch!

  • conornw


    #16670073 - 5 years ago

    How I Met Your Mother is not funny

    No it is not

  • IntimateTaco


    #16670250 - 5 years ago

    Mustard...... I HATE MUSTARD. MUSTARD CAN BE THROWN TO HELL... There, I said it :(

  • akleiman


    #16671225 - 5 years ago

    In reply to IntimateTaco, #38:

    Does this apply to only yellow mustard or to all mustard, cause honey mustard is pretty damn fabulous if you ask me...

  • IntimateTaco


    #16671666 - 5 years ago

    In reply to akleiman, #39:

    All mustard.

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  • ZestForGames


    #16672741 - 5 years ago

    The Only Way Is Essex (or other regional equivalents). I watched an episode of it once, I felt my IQ drop about 20 points.

    Those scumbag model wanabee 'reality' stars should all be placed on an island somewhere and we should never, ever rescue them.

  • EarthboundN


    #16673307 - 5 years ago

    It'll probably be my answer whenever anyone asks this question, but Aliens Colonial Marines.

    The Aliens franchise has had its ups and downs but good grief, I got burned so hard with that game. smiley5.gif

  • eegnid

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    #16673776 - 5 years ago

    The movie identity thief was horrid. I'm not a big fan of game of thrones to be honest. I've watched all of it because everyone in my family watches it but I don't care about all of the characters except 2 of them.

  • VariousGubbs


    #16673831 - 5 years ago

    The worst kind of person, that suit who's been on a management course and has been taught that you should say a persons name a lot while talking to them.

    "Now James what I would like you to do for me is this, can you do that for me James?"

    No, I tell you what I can do, I can jam my foot so far up your ass that my shoelaces come out of your ears you smug condescending... smiley4.gif

  • kastle09


    #16674078 - 5 years ago

    I actually saw the worst film ever made.
    You know there are always those movies that you don't like, didn't like the plotline or overhyped. But this one I think is just bad. Are you ready?

    Titanic 2

    So the plotline is becuase I think its pretty hard to spoil whats going to happen in a movie called Titanic 2. 100 years on the anniversary of the original Titanic, The ship is going to takes its maiden voyage through the same waters. The tagline is "Lightning Can Strike Twice"... I don't know why they don't just say iceberg, maybe they don't want to give it away if you missed the first one.
    The plotline wasn't the worse part, surprising I know. There clearly wasn't a big enough budget to film this, so there are some scenes like where the boat is taking off, but its clear the camera is moving from left to right, to make it look like the boat was moving away :s. Any wide external shot was just a still picture. External helicopter shots were animation from the outside cut to whats clearly inside a studio.
    There was an attempt at a jack and rose sort of thing, where the main character has a relationship with an employee on the boat, Everyone just dies around them, and then for no reason he freezes to death at the end.

    So yeah thats my review of the worst film ever.

  • twittysuch


    #16674423 - 5 years ago

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    What the damn hell.

  • kastle09


    #16674542 - 5 years ago

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  • Dan1244


    #16675276 - 5 years ago

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    Your explanation with your reaction was priceless hahaha.

    In reply to VariousGubbs, #44:

    Alright Various, thanks so much for your opinion Various.

    In reply to eegnid, #43:

    I saw the film and felt bleh at it, and I too don't get the GoT hype.

    In reply to ZestForGames, #41:

    Very true. I have been watching a lot of British TV lately, especially panel shows, but that show is godawful.

    In reply to EarthboundN, #42:

    As someone who has never invested much time into the aliens franchise, based on the reaction to the last one, I am glad I didn't.......

  • Zeddy0525

    Zeddy0525 TheGreatSneeze

    #16678697 - 5 years ago

    A lot of people seem to like it, but I HATED the new Thor movie. It was so bad that I had my head in my hands for most of the movie.

  • Liela

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    #32890779 - 3 years ago

    My least favorite food is olives. They don't taste good (at all!) and the texture is so, so bad. It feels like you just popped Satan's own eyeball into your mouth and started chewing on it.

    My least favorite drink is most soda. I can stand root beer and cream soda occasionally (especially if there's ice cream or Kahlua in them,) but I highly dislike most other sodas. Mountain Dew? No. Pepsi? Get it away from me. Coke? Ew. They are sickly-sweet, they leave a bad, almost metallic-ish aftertaste, and they make me more thirsty than I was before I drank them. How bout no!

    My least favorite book is Heart of Darkness. The entire book felt like it was building up to a climax, but then the climax never happened and it just ended with whats-his-face going back to the city. I felt actually cheated when I got to the end and nothing ever happened.

    My least favorite movie is probably Chappie. Seeing Hugh Jackman as a bad guy was... bad. Seeing criminals take a being with the understanding and mindset of a child out and having him get beat up and set on fire by thugs was incredibly upsetting. Then the fact that I was supposed to feel sorry for those same criminals later, lol no. Seeing any mention of dogfighting as a life lesson instead of as a horrific, brutal, and monstrous crime was not ok. And having people die but not die because you backed their brain up on a computer was kind of cheating. And the fight that was supposed to be climactic and super sad was only bad because it was being carried out by a dirty, bloodthirsty cop. Had it been honest policemen doing what they were supposed to be doing instead of one dirty cop, it would have come across as just "well, that's what happens when you are a known criminal and then shoot at and try to kill police officers." You can't make criminals out to be the good guys just because the cop hunting them is also bad. That doesn't make anyone good, it just makes both sides bad. There was ONE actual good guy in the whole film, and he was just sort of shoved to the side the entire time until he was conveniently useful again at the end. Anyways. My husband loves this movie.