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    #16702283 - 5 years ago

    so was it me or were the R* devs just annoyin as hell and shout out to AH for callin them out at the end with "I'm looking forward to not speaking to you guys again"

  • OhScotty


    #16702499 - 5 years ago

    I liked the whole don't swear cause we want to keep it family friendly...
    Like... Yeah lets keep GTA family friendly

  • TuxedoJericho

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    #16702802 - 5 years ago

    It just shows that R* either saw that the AH let's Play videos were extremely popular and decided to work with them without realizing how the AH crew operates.

    I mean, it's fine if they want to keep their stream 'family friendly', even as ironic as that sounds. However they should have taken the live tv approach and implemented a delay so on their end they could beep out when someone swore.

    I'm glad that Geoff said whatever he said (I was covering a football scrimmage for work and only saw the first little bit, up to Michael getting told to not use the f word) at the end. It makes me wonder if they might start to play another game on Monday and make GTA more of a 'once in a while' game..

    I do hope Jack or someone from the stream is on the RT Podcast monday, or Ryan gets to talk about it on The Patch. It will be interesting to see what the guys say after this.

  • Halakaj

    Halakaj Slovene

    #16702882 - 5 years ago

    They didn't even know what RoosterTeeth was, "is that a full time thing you do" trying to keep a GTA stream family friendly, just a lot of passive aggression, this stream would be nice without R* devs.



    #16702887 - 5 years ago

    Michael did tweet this after it was all over "@RockstarGames @AchievementHunt Thanks for having us! It was super rad and really flippin fun!!!" the Jersey in him probably wanted to tell them to fuck off lol

  • Xenok


    #16702922 - 5 years ago

    They didn't even know eachothers name, what kind of bullshit was that

  • Nightwing273


    #16702943 - 5 years ago

    The second they told Michael to stop swearing, I felt like there was an awkward atmosphere. It didn't help that they kept calling them "The Rooster Teeth Guys", either... I mean, do some bloody research!

    They were being a little too stiff and at times a little sarcastic :/ I felt like they were starting to come around a little bit towards the end.

  • Ashto


    #16702955 - 5 years ago

    I think the biggest problem for me was that, as an AH fan first and a GTA fan second, it seemed like the R* guys thought they had top billing and, to me, they absolutely did not. They didn't do their research and didn't match the kind of atmosphere I'm used to from RT/AH - I guess we've been spoiled. Also, calling Lindsay out for being the only girl a couple times was enough to piss me off. I know she can handle it, but, as she has said before, "I don't want my vagina to be the thing that defines me."

  • Gn0m3


    #16703159 - 5 years ago

    kind of wish i had seen it.

  • Xenok


    #16703161 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Gn0m3, #9:

    You can on the Rockstar twitch, but not from the AH point of view yet

  • Gn0m3


    #16703164 - 5 years ago

    Thanks I will try to find it.

  • TuxedoJericho

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    #16704015 - 5 years ago

    After watching the ending part of the stream (as I am just not giving a shit about watching the entire thing and am awaiting to see the AH cut down version)

    First of all, glad Michael said "I'm looking forward to not speaking to you guys again." That caught the devs a little off guard. Then Geoff saying 'Yeah, we had a time" really stated how the AH guys seemed to feel in the part at the start that I got to see, and apparantly it didn't get any better. This stream also showed why the AH guys would rather just do recording and game sessions with themselves instead of with the community at large outside of a 'game night' environment. Tho I would love to see a GTA V 'Game night' and compilation.

  • A2B


    #16705654 - 5 years ago


    But yeah, it was a little awkward sometimes. Hard to tell if it was an act sometimes or just bad preparation and communication. 2 Groups who are busy with their own community at the same time while playing a game together without being on the same location is asking for problems. Like the time when Geoff and Ray weren't in the game or when the other 4 weren't in the game.

  • Argick

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    #16705820 - 5 years ago

    For what it was you could say at least they tried. It certainty could have been better since having the two different sides of the stream meant that you were only getting one half of the night.

    Then the error with invites and the types of games that were played were actually cringe worthy to watch. I much preferred the AH guys doing what they normally do however it would be nice if they every get out on a livestream with random community members.

    Still kudos for the attempt from both parties. Can't be easy setting up a sponsor cut.