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First members, no more merch ads.....please?

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  • cbeaman

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    #33662754 - 1 year ago

    I hate to be this guy but, should a first member be getting these merch posts at the bottom of our pages? In addition you can click on the close 'X' all day and half the time they are glitched and don't close. I'm ok with sponsored videos but this banner ad stuff is annoying on any site and especially on one I pay for. 

    At the least please debug or fix the issue where they are persistent no matter if you hit the close button.

    Still love you guys but had to speak up on this one.

  • Lotussan


    #33663187 - 1 year ago

    I have to agree with you. I only watch videos directly on RT so I don't have to deal with constant in my face ads from Youtube (and I don't like their business enough to get Youtube Red), but now RT is doing even worse with these popup ads. I paid for a sponsorship to support RT, but I'm going to rethink my choice if these ads are going to continue to be an issue. 'No ads' was part of the deal when I sponsored, and I'm not going to feel comfortable giving my money to a company that isn't honest with their sales pitch.