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Red vs Blue Season 17 FIRST! SPOILERS and DISCUSSION Thread: When the Timeline Comes Out Wrong, You Must Zip It

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  • TaylorCulosis

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    #33757882 - 3 months ago

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    And now no one's shouting anything. A full week after a new episode, and mere hours away from what is the Sponsor finale.  simmons

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    #33757885 - 3 months ago

    Hecking recaptcha deleted my posts.

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    With the site update, the disparity between First!/regular viewers, and the more... erratic content of these recent seasons, discussion has taken a severe downturn. Even the Reddit threads don't have a lot of traction. It feels like we're kind of at the end of things, here. 

  • Agent_DC-1

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    #33757888 - 3 months ago

    Well, that's it. That was fun. Not the best, but not the worst, either. It was just a decent, fun season, and I enjoyed it. I think it would be more enjoyable when binge-watched, IMO. Still, sad to see it go, now I have to wait for Nomad S2 and the next part of Young Justice. Anyone else wanna share?

  • scootaloo99


    #33757890 - 3 months ago

    gotta love me a bootstrap paradox

  • fatalflaw101

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    #33757907 - 3 months ago

    I’m working my way through figuring out the thematic core of the 15-17 arc. There’s a lot to look at under the context of the ending, so I don’t think I’ve totally cracked it but this is where I’m at.


    “A mirror. That figures.” – Agent Carolina, S17 E12


    Season 15 is about how we all have the capacity for darkness within us. In it, Dylan concludes that it is the way the Reds and Blues respond to their greatest hardships that defines who they are. 

    They fall from great heights and are not broken. They walk through fire and are not burned.  

    In Season 16, the Reds and Blues are tempted by the chance to fix the mistakes of their past. But in the end, they are asked to accept a hard truth: that it is by learning from their many failures that they have become the people they are today – heroes. And it is in failing to learn this lesson that they make the greatest mistakes of their lives. They create the Shisno Paradox.

    The reason Genkins and Chrovos are the villain the Reds and Blues must overcome has everything to do with the fact that they are the same person. It’s about one’s relationship with themselves. Genkins and Chrovos are the perfect example of a creature who cannot reconcile their past with their future. The self at war. A paradoxical relationship in which Genkins is Chrovos’ greatest existential threat by the end, even whilst Chrovos continues to be Genkins’ very source of power. The reason Genkins has been pitted against the Reds and Blues is because he is them. He is his own most potent ally, as well as his most dangerous adversary.

    His worst friend, and his best enemy.

    With that said, I highly recommend taking a closer look at this season’s end credits song ‘(I’m My Best) Enemy’ – particularly the lyrics. It’s on youtube, the Trocadero channel.

  • AgentWashingtub008

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    #33757966 - 3 months ago

    You know, that was a pretty good season.

  • SailorGirl81

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    #33758070 - 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought the Carolina vs Carolina fight looked like something out of a Dragon Ball Z anime?

  • TrueBlueYahoo

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    #33758671 - 3 months ago

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    Agreed!  I wasn’t a fan of that bit.

  • TrueBlueYahoo

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    #33758672 - 3 months ago

    I’ve finally digested the season as a whole and here are my thoughts.  Really long, sorry.


    -I loved season 15, which technically is the start of this story arc.  I was not a fan of season 16 but it had its moments.  This season had the unenviable job of wrapping that all up.  The crew did a good job with what it had been handed.

    -Donut got some time in the spotlight.  Well overdue, and well done.

    -Wash has been neglected over the past few seasons.  I was so glad to have him back in the forefront.  He is such a strong character and adds such a needed dynamic to the team (more on that below).  His relationship with Carolina really got fleshed out this season, too (more on that later, too).  Their dynamic is so compelling.  What a strong, strong cornerstone for the series.  And I’m glad Carolina competed her growth arc.  I love these two characters.

    -Speaking of Wash and Carolina, hot damn, did Shannon McCormick and Jen Brown knock it out of the park (again) or what?  This season had their characters display such a wide range of emotions and they crushed them all.  I was really feeling it.  But the VIP of voice acting this season has to go to Rico Fajardo.  Wow.  I’m sure it’s a tough job, making the audience love to hate a character, and not just hate the character, and he nailed it.

    -Speaking of Genkins, I did not care for him at all in season 16.  He was just sort of there, and when he was, he was annoying.  This season really made him a compelling villain.

    -There was a good balance of comedy and drama this season.

    -There were minimal gods and zero cyclops.  Thank.  You.  RT.

    -RT clearly went for straight up fan service when the gang visited past scenes, and I’m okay with that.  Those were some of my favorite parts of this season.  I’ll always take any opportunity to see the Freelancers again.

    -Grif’s relationship with Kai.  So nice to see this side of him.

    -Doc.  I don’t know what to say exactly, I just loved seeing him help save the day for once.

    -Trocadero and David Levy are my heroes.  Please make the soundtracks to seasons 16 and 17 available for purchase!


    -As I mentioned above, I loved that Wash and Carolina’s relationship was shored up this season.  They both deserve it.  However, ‘brother?’  ‘Friend?’  Come on.  This felt like a retcon to what I honestly thought they were building up to in seasons 15 and 16: a romantic relationship between these two.  Now that hand-holding take-off-your-suit beach scene from season 15 just comes across as awkward and cringe worthy, and Dr. Grey’s ‘lucky man’ proverbial wink and the filing of Jax’s Carwash sex scene gag from season 16 holds less weight.  I realize any fan can read anything they want into practically anything, but I thought this went beyond subtlety.  If you retcon something, fine, just don’t make it weird.

    -Similarly, the relationship between Tucker and Sister was really brought to light in season 16, and was actually a standout plus of that season, but it was left on a cliffhanger.  There was practically no mention of it in season 17.  Some resolution or at least acknowledgment would have been nice.

    -The Carolina v Carolina fight scene in the end didn’t really do it for me.  Super interesting concept and I like the callback to the Freelancer training room, but it bugged me for two reasons.  One, her fighting style has always been very graceful and gymnastic.  This scene made her look more manly and brutish in her movements.  Two, it looked very kung fu and/or anime in its animation style.  I’ve enjoyed past RvB fights because, while over the top in scale, have always looked believable.  This just looked cartoony, too 10-year-old-boy Saturday morning cartoons.  I don’t want RvB to become Gen:Lock or RWBY.

    -The pacing of this season puzzled me in a few spots.  I loved it, actually, until the gang got back to Blood Gulch, then it seemed to slam on the brakes.  Why was so much time spent explaining time travel here, and the rest of the season?  We got it, thanks!  What could have benefited from more time was the very compelling labyrinth subplot which only got one and a half episodes.

    -Some other items that seemed shoehorned in or not tidied up by the end were: Huggins’ status, her parents, and Sarge coming to terms with what he saw in the labyrinth (considering his character’s motivation up until this point I thought this could have been interesting).

    -We saw Carolina come to terms with Wash’s injury, and the fact it needed to happen again.  We never saw Tucker do the same for the first occurrence, let alone the second.  He harbored a lot of guilt over it in the end of season 15 and during season 16.  It deserves at least a conversation.

    -The airhorn and rimshot sound effects.  Really?  Can’t those just die? 

    -Joe Nicolosi hinted in season 16 that Genkins was someone from the reds’ and blues’ past.  I assumed that meant Jenkins?  It was never brought to closure.

    Hopes for the Future:

    -Can we get back to a more grounded story, please?  No gods, no time travel, something less shark-jumpy.

    -I respect that the crew decide to show that there are real consequences to actions in the RvB universe, as shown by Wash living with his injury.  The reds and blues might have some damn good luck but they’re just human.  But please god do not make Wash loopy all the time.  Choose to portray the effects of his injury some other way (maybe his forgetfulness and irritability a la season 16?).  If you make him loopy he becomes just another red and blue.  We already have those characters.  Wash is a great dramatic and comedic foil to the reds and blues because he’s more serious.  He’s the heart of the team.  He’s the straight man.  It’s a dynamic that works and is one of the best parts (and characters) of the show.  Don’t ruin it.  And this is in wishlist territory but if you were to un-retcon the Wash/Carolina ‘just friends’ dynamic as described above, it would be interesting to see his struggle with his injury manifest itself as him believing that Carolina doesn’t want a romantic relationship with him because he has brain damage.  Yeah, I guess I ship those two, but it’s your own damn fault, RT!

    Kudos to the crew for all the hard work, looking forward to more!

  • buckeyedon

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    #33761169 - 1 week ago

    I will miss you all here around the Forums. I don't see me spending time on the new site. 

    It just doesn't do it for me.

    Thanks for ALL of the good things!