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    • My latest Music Video

      7 years ago


      Well I've put alot of hours into this and I have to say its one of my favourites so far. It was alot of fun to make :)
      I love this anime so much that I think I'll be making another. (Hopefully will be even better)

      Hope you enjoy it :)


    • New Fav Anime

      7 years ago


      My favourites used to be:

      -Love Hina
      -Death Note
      -One Piece

      but just a couple of days ago I discovered an anime called "Highschool of the Dead". Basically High school students trying to survive the initial after effects of the zombie apocalypse. And if I'm anything I'm a huge zombies fan.
      (I do believe that one day there will be a zombie apocalypse and that I'll be well prepared) :P

      so sorry voltron but you've been replaced. so now:

      -Love Hina
      -Death Note
      -Highschool of the Dead
      -One Piece

      Ps. I got in a car crash today. nothing special.

    • Drunk Gamers Dream Come True

      7 years ago


      A mate of mine showed me this and it has made me re-love being a gamer.


      If you play games and love drinking then this is an absolute must :D

    • Things to come

      7 years ago


      Over the next two weeks there is going to be alot going on.
      - Christmas
      - Boxing Day
      - New Years

      With the past week has been drunk night after drunk night after drunk night; I've decided to give up drink for at least the next month. With that done I can focus of the gym and get the proper diet I need :)

      I have recently finished yet another Matthew Reilly book - Contest. I got to say it isn't his best book (true, it is his first). It picks up about half way and ends well. If you're looking for a good read then I can't say that its a"Must Read!", If you're interested in seeing the origins of this amasing writer then of course its a nice read.

      Over the course of the next few weeks, I have ordered from fishpond.com.au, and well be reading alot of books.
      - Halo:Glasslands
      - Heat Wave (from the tv series, "Castle")
      - Strange Angels
      - Temple
      - Digital Fortress

      I hope I can finish them all before I go back to uni.

      I saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on thursday night. I loved it. Its not the first one but its pretty damn close. Simon Pegg was fantastic, you can never overestimate his acting ability. True, I'm not a big Tom cruise fan but the only thing he seems to be good in is MI and it shows in the movie.

    • New video

      7 years ago


      With my love for video games I Made this video. Actually, I made this awhile ago - only just being bothered to upload :P


    • If Rooster Teeth hired you!

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      Theoretically -If you got a call asking if you would like to work for Rooster Teeth, would you accept?

      AND what would be your job there?

      594 replies

    • If you had a billion dollars!!

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      Lets say you've inherited a billions.

      What would you do with your new found wealth?

      29 replies

    • Matthew Reilly

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      I know that there have been threads about this but they've been dead for years, so I'm bringing it back.

      Matthew Reilly has recently released his his latest scarecrow novel. What are your thoughts on it?

      Whats your Favourite Matthew Reilly Book?

      Shane Schofield or Jack West Jr?

      6 replies

    • Episode 7

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      OK I've started on episode 7 and so far pretty happy with it :)
      Trust when I say that this is going to be a long one (I hope). I''l try and get it up as soon as possible.

      37 replies

    • Update

      7 years ago


      Well I'm getting used to this, writing my thoughts online that is. Its kinda calming and easing getting my thoughts out of my head :P

      Well lets start with tonight - Went to the gym today as usual and some of the guys there decided to make it a shirtless friday gym session which was pretty funny :P - Man some of those guys are buff :S

      I have finished the Six Sacred Stones by matthew reilly - excellent read as expected. Now I've started on its sequel - The Five Greatest Warriors. So far so good :)

      I'm stuck on writing episode 6 of my RvB spin off series. I guess writer's block gets to everyone :/

      I only got Halo:Anniversary and Modern Warfare 3 a couple of days ago so I've been slowly going through them both. So far I'm really enjoying MW3 MP - Even if I am yelling at the screen at least once a game. I'm very impressed with it so far. You can tell that treyarch had a strong influence on it with the exclusion of "Stopping Power" and "Last Stand" and the inclusion of "Blast Shield".

      well I guess I've lost my train of thought - probs, because I'm getting hungry.

      I guess I'll have to go and have some food.

      Night y'all

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    • Erkan Take It Easy.... bitches

      7 years ago

      Super belated... Happy New Year and Happy any other holidays you may have celebrated over the Holiday period to everyone on my friends list smiley0.gif

    • niriall THE META

      8 years ago

      Send me your skype name will you?

    • Deathhawlk

      8 years ago

      This is the Body of a comment. I Own your soul for having first post on your page. Mwhahahahaha.

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