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    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG is back after a 2 year Hiatus

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      The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG is a pen and paper role playing game designed specifically for the world of RWBY. We are back after 2 years of no new content.

      The newest version of the book PDF can be found Here

      The patch notes for this update can be found on our subreddit at r/rwbytabletop

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    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, Update 6.29.17

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      Hello everyone, we're back (finally). I know the Summer update for the past few years have been major overhauls, and that this time it is much smaller in scope. The major goal of this update was to reduce confusion for new players and make certain information easier to find. This is mainly done with design and syntax. Very little in the way of balance updates.

      The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, Update 6.29.17



      • "Playing the Game" and "Mastering the Game" have been changed to "Character Creation" and "Playing the Game" respectively.

      Character creation has been streamlined, most notably with the removal of the list of skill check descriptions and the addition of a quick reference table for the various combat uses for attributes.

      Playing the Game has been reorganized to present useful information for players before it presents information more useful for GMs.

      Weapon Styles

      • "Weapon Variants" are now called "Weapon Styles"

      This vocabulary is much more accurate as to how a characters weapon affects the character.

      Exotic Weapon Mods

      Added a short example List.

      New Grimm

      • Beringal, Nucklavee, Petra Gigas, Geist, and Elemental Templates have been added.

      Nucklaveee, Petra Gigas. and Geist are now under the "Exotic Enemy" section. This is really to separate them from the standard set of Grimm.


      Dust Effects now do proper damage against swarms.


      Section describing the GM's job has been moved to the Adventure section.



      Small patch notes this time. Some of you may have also noticed we moved to Google Docs a while back for simplicity and so that it is no longer hidden behind a download link. Even if this game isn't what you are looking for, come and join us over at https://www.reddit.com/r/Rwbytabletop/ and you might find one that's more your style.

      Thank you again to everyone for playing, see you at RTX.

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    • Masterweaver asked EnderofThing a question

      Are you still active on the forums? Because I left a link to something I made for your TRPG on the thread for your TRPG...

      Answered: Mar 19, 2017

      I am still on the RT site nearly every day. However since the game hasnt seen an update recently I havent posted anything in a while.

    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG. Volume 4, October Update.

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      The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, Volume 4, Ocotber Update

      New Character Sheet

      Version 2016.10.22



      • Added a table to quickly reference which two attributes combine into what skill checks.

      • Changed "Wealth" checks to "Hacking" Checks.

      Also reworded a few of the skill check descriptions.


      • Health is END+1

      This nerf is meant to reduce the damage mitigation capabilities of END tanks and making the choice of when to damage to health a more difficult choice. This also increases the over all desirability of END on characters that may otherwise keep it low as once Aura is broken, a Character can almost instantly be incapacitated.

      Weapon Design and Mods

      • Static Weapons

      Characters with 0 DIS are now presented the option to abandon either their Ranged or Melee component and gain a single weapon modification. The weapon modification system is a rather important part of character creation and every character should get a chance to utilize it regardless of their base attribute choices. Only DIS 0 characters may make this choice however, as it makes sense form a lore perspective and also prevents unbalancing min-max.

      • Armor: Increase Health by 1

      The decrease in Health led to giving tank characters a more choice to increase their primary resource and further cement their identity.

      • Hooked: Second Rank

      Characters can take the Hooked modification twice. Taking it a second time gives them a grappling hook that lets them make STR+PER grapple checks at a distance of 50ft. The normal effects of Hooked to not apply to this grappling hook.

      • Mobility: Improved Passive and Capacity Movement.

      The Character moves 20ft with each action. When using their entire turn on movement, a Character can travel 75ft instead of 50. Also movement Capacity Boosts move the character 10ft instead of 5.

      • Exotic Weapon Modifications

      The Exotic Weapon Modifications section from the Supplemental Rules has been moved here to bring it to players' attention sooner so they can brainstorm their own ideas for weapon modifications.


      • Red

      Crystals: deal "Additional Damage"
      Rounds: deal "Splash Damage"

      • Yellow

      Crystals: Stagger Target
      Rounds: Over-penetrate (No longer limited to Robots or Inanimate material)

      • Green

      Crystals: Weapons always return to hand
      Rounds: No Change

      • Blue

      Crystals: Area around target is covered in fog
      Rounds: Target is Confused

      • Orange

      Crystals: deal "Splash Damage"
      Rounds: Unchanged

      • Violet

      Crystals: Unchanged
      Rounds: Deal 1d6-1 damage to adjacent ranged targets.

      • Brown

      Crystals: No Change
      Rounds: No Change

      • Pink

      Crystals: Unchanged
      Rounds: Unchanged

      • White

      Crystals: Unchanged
      Rounds: Target is Staggered

      • Black

      Crystals: Target is Blinded
      Rounds: Area around target is brightly illuminated

      • Added a section to the end of Dust that clarifies new terminology such as "additional damage", "splash damage", and "Over-penetrate",

      Mastering the Game

      • Added a Healing Semblance section to explain why they are inherently unbalanced and not suggested in normal play.

      Combat Maneuvers

      • Aura Healing ratio is 2:1

      Aura healing has been nerfed to be a 2 Aura - 1 Health. More than one point of healing can be done at once, using the same ratio. Healing Check cannot reduce the time it takes completely. This change goes hand in hand with the health nerf and also to keep health damage a little threatening between encounters.

      • Sneak Attack variant moved from Supplemental Rules and introduced into normal play.

      • Thrown weapons always roll basic melee accuracy, but deal no bonus STR damage.

      Thrown Weapon attacks now have a more concrete identity and also have much greater benefit with Green Dust.

      • Targeted Strikes are easier when attempting to Stagger a Target.

      The loss of bonus damage was enough of a trade off without increasing the difficulty of the attack.

      • Supplemental Rules section moved to "Mastering the Game"

      • Atlesian Paladin Vehicle buffed significantly, increasing the Character's RoC by 1.

      This brings the Paladin Vehicle and Enemy closer together in function and power.

      • Character Progession continues in repeating levels of 5, but also included warnings how


      • Enemy Action Budget is 3 actions, no more than 2 of which can be an attack or special ability.

      Enemies have the same action budget as players. Giving them a separate turn budget seemed simple but caused problems when interacting with status effects. Special abilities consume attack actions before any others, so every Enemy should be able to move at least 15ft in a turn.

      • Boarbatusk, Griffon and Nevermore movement changes to balance these action budget changes.

      • Taijitu clarifications

      • Goliath Buffed to properly represent when happens when a stampeding monster is confused.

      • Robots become deactivated when they are reduced to 0 health.

      • Sentinel Buffed Dust Immunity to be permanent.

      • Paladin Clarifications

      • Humans are rendered Helpless when reduced to 0 health.

      • Swarm Clarifications

      • Rival Clarifications

      • Credits Updated

      Some of the credited playtesters hadn't played the game in over a year and I felt the need to thin the list out a bit. A few more special thanks to give.

      • New "Contact Us" Section with my full gamut of social media. Surprise, surprise, they are mostly variations of "EnderofThings"

      New Chapter: Adventure

      Completely New section that is a one-off adventure for playing in Junior's club. Includes all new maps, characters and hooks for additional story. The Malachite twins return as a significantly reduced threats compared to their "Advanced Enemy" versions.

      Thank you to everyone for playing. This Update is a lot of smaller updates rather than one big overhaul. We squashed a few more bugs and hopefully a significant portion of the book is now typo free. Over the coming months I suspect there will be a great deal of work to do. Volume 4 is looking like it will be very much like a classic RPG adventure, and I look forward to working on the new Grimm, characters and locations we will be seeing soon.

      If this seems up your alley, and you still have not see it yet, come join us over at /r/Rwbytabletop on Reddit to discuss various systems, mechanics, and general discussion of the world of RWBY in an RPG.

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    • Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, June Update Patch Notes

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      The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, June Update

      Character Sheet

      The long awaited June Update is our largest change in the last year. We took a hard look at Aura, Semblance, Enemies and defenses.

      The goal of the June update is to simplify the most complicated mechanics of the system. All the other changes present are the ripples of that simplification.

      And in case you are unsure what you are getting before you download an unknown file onto your computer, here is a Preview.

      Version 2016.6.20



      • Aura is PER+10
      • Aura Regenerates 1/hour, full recharge on a full nights rest.
      • Semblance and Defensive checks roll both attributes at the same time.

      No more rolling and adding each attribute individually. Semblance Checks use WIL+(Attribute) at the same time and Defensive checks use (Attribute)+PER at the same time. As I've said before, the old rule felt out of place and while it was fairly easy to pick up and a unified rule set is superior in my opinion.

      • Semblance fails and consumes 1 aura if both attributes fail. Semblance succeeds and consumes no Aura if both attributes pass.
      • Semblance can be Empowered by consuming 1 Aura before the roll, adding 1d10 to the result. If an Empowered Semblance fails the target roll, 1 additional Aura is lost and the Semblance fails.

      Weapon Design and Mods

      • Accurate Weapons are now AGI+DIS

      With PER being the dedicated Defensive Attribute, adding PER to a Weapon skill became a bit too powerful and let Snipers become the tanks. An AGI+DIS roll gets around this problem, and further cements DIS as the "Weapon Master" Attribute. AGI, END and DIS now all contribute to both Melee and Ranged attacks, giving more character archetypes a gentler difference between their two modes of attack.

      • New Weapon Mod "Alternate Form"

      This Weapon mod give players the ability to further design their weapon to have multiple variants of the same type. It allows them to emulate a character like Qrow with one weapon with one variant that "holds back" and another "main variant" or build a small arsenal of individually distinct weapons like Velvet.

      • Removed Advanced Sights and Aerodynamic

      These mods were combined into the Green Dust Crystals and Rounds.

      *Removed Submissive Strike


      • (Green) Featherweight Crystals: Weapons are easier to throw, can be thrown farther, and missed attacks return to the character.
      • (Green) Horizon Rounds: Replaces Advanced sights with the ability to shoot without range limit.
      • Dust Phials consume the same amount of time and capacity as normal when used to directly attack a target, however this attack deals 1/2 damage.

      Defensive Checks

      • Defensive checks adds both attributes at the same time.
      • Failing a defensive check deals the amount of damage associated with the attacking entity. Damage is no longer mitigated for passing with a single attribute, defenses are either pass/fail.
      • Parry (STR+PER) Can only be used against melee attackers and corporeal hazards. Successful Parries deal 3 damage to the attacker.
      • Dodge (AGI+PER) Can be used against most attacks and hazards, but things like poisonous gas cannot be dodged. Successful Dodges allow the character to move up to 15 feet away.
      • Resist (END+PER) Can be sued against any attack or hazard regardless of source. Failing a Resist defensive check allows the character to take damage to Health rather than Aura.
      • Semblance (WIL+PER) can be manifested against any attack or hazard that is relevant to the characters semblance. Characters must have at least 1 Aura to defend with their Semblance. Successfully defending with semblance has no bonus effect beyond the manifestation of the semblance.
      • Dust (DIS+PER) can be manifested against any attack or hazard that is relevant to the equipped Dust color phials. This defensive action consumes 1 Capacity. Successfully defending with Dust has no bonus effect beyond the manifestation of the Dust.

      Turn Order

      • Turn Order is determined by WIL

      Combat Manuvers

      • Capacity Movement changed to Capacity Boost

      Capacity Boost cansumes 1 capacity to and adds 1 point to any roll. check which is relevant, dictated by GM. Generally physical and movement checks can be boosted but something like an Intimidate Check can be boosted. Character can also choose to spend 1 capacity to move 5ft in a given direction. Using Capacity Boost and a Ranged attack at the same time consumes no additional Capacity.

      • Charge Attack adds spent capacity to Accuracy roll rather than damage roll. Charge Attacks consume as much Capacity is available, up to 5.
      • Targeted Strikes against the Head have reduced their difficulty modifier by 5. This reverts a change from last patch.


      • Maximize and Collateral Damage now occupy the same difficulty threshold.

      Players choose which effect they want when they roll damage. Instantly Kill target and Kill multiple targets have had their thresholds reduced.

      • Added Enemy Health Pools section to help guide how long a fight "should" be.
      • Basic Enemies are now just "Enemies"
      • Damage is now associated with specific enemies, and all enemies have only one basic attack.
      • Every Special ability is now labeled by how many actions of the Enemy is takes. Special Abilities have their own threshold, range, and damage independent of the basic attacks.
      • Enemy Roster Overhaul

      The June Update has overhauled what is in the Grimmoire. Their is now a larger number of entities at each threat level and fewer threat levels. There is now three archetypes for each threat level: Offensive, Defensive and Balanced. Each Enemy type: Grimm, Robot, and Human; are separated and given their own sections. Human and Robot sections have been thinned out to remove any non-cannon enemies.

      • No Enemies have a threat level over 2 RoC.

      3 RoC is the limit to how much a character can realistically accomplish. Having that be the price of entry for out-of-the-book enemies was a bit steep. GMs can always push that limit with the template section.

      • New Enemy: Griffon
      • New Enemy Type: Rival

      Rivals are intentionally Generic to fit any setting and are purely a block of numbers. Come in two varieties: Rival team, and Rival Boss.

      • New Enemy type: Swarm

      Large groups of easily dispatched enemies.

      • Removed Advanced Enemies.

      Advanced Enemies were clunky and complicated. I realized they even though they were fun to design, they were the black sheep of this rule set. They may return, but not in their former state.


      • Removed Advanced Enemy references from the Example Assets.

      Plaver Versus Player

      • Players roll damage against eachother in PvP combat.

      PvP has now been unifed with the rest of the combat system. In doing so, PvP combat should be faster and more visceral with characters dealing much higher damage, and players getting more involved for damage rolls.


      • Defensive Checks moved to Combat Section.
      • Template section for "Major Enemy" and "Minor Enemy" modifiers.

      Thank You everyone who plays this game. I am very happy with this update, but as always there is more to be done, and numerous errors that can be fixed as always.

      If this or something like it interests you, you can also join us over at /r/Rwbytabletop.

      I look forward to seeing everyone at RTX.

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    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop, February Update

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      And so begins the Hiatus. Hopefully the Unofficial RWBY Tabletop, February Update will keep you entertained while we wait. Note the February Update does not include any of the new Grimm types introduced into the later episodes of Volume 3.



      • December patch is now in the core rule book.
      • Removed Special Requirement of Mixed Capacity from Dust Infused Clothing.
      • Players no longer declare a Dust form, and now declare a Dust Color. All three forms are available simultaneously.

      This is a buff to Dust users, and the ability to swap between ranged and melee capabilities freely is a core aspect of the show that I want to keep.

      • Incendiary Crystals have been changed.
      • Rust Rounds have changed to Bleed Rounds, Bleed Crystals have changed to Rust Crystals.
      • Direct damaging Dust (Incendiary Crystals, Bleed Rounds) deal an extra point of damage on every damage die rolled regardless of source. If a player rolls 3d6 against a target for an attack, they deal an additional 3 damage.
      • AoE damaging Dust (Explosive Rounds, Arc Crystals) deal a point of damage to surrounding targets based on how much damage the primary target is dealt. If a player rolls 3d6 against the primary target, nearby enemies are dealt 3 damage. This bonus damage is not dealt to the target.
      • Dust Infused Semblances consume up to 5 capacity, depending on the effect determined by the GM.
      • All skill checks are described to equate to about 5 points easier than the October update.
      • Charge attacks scale with RoC. Capacity spend is added to damage again for each level of RoC players have.
      • Targeted strike against a target’s head is now 5 points higher, for a total of +15
      • New threshold for defeating enemy defenses.

      +15: Collateral damage: Deal damage to all nearby enemies with a defense lower than the attack roll.
      +20: Instantly Kill target
      +25: Instatly Kill multiple targets.

      • Decreased damage on most basic enemies.
      • December Patch enemy changes

      Creep is 15/20 archetype
      Beowolf is 20/20 archetype
      Ursa is 25/25 archetype
      Brute stats are fixed.

      • Nevermore special attack decreased significantly.
      • Stats on the Atlesian Paladin Vehicle changed, STR and END decreased to give it a nice even +15 melee.
      • Changed Whisper Rounds to coincide with the new Dust declaration mechanic..


      • New Cover
      • Two new Character Sheets inside the front and back cover.
      • Moved “Advantage and Disadvantage” to Mastering the Game
      • Chapter headers with the four title characters.
      • Aura Checks are explained after the Derived Statistics section rather than in the middle.
      • Grimmoire Section actually has page numbers now.
      • New Glossary
      • Changes to the Credits. New playtesters and special thanks.


      • RoC and its intended purpose.
      • Rage Semblance description.
      • The capability of melee and ranged weapon types.
      • Reworded Additional Weapon mod effect.
      • Changed the name of "Blunted" to "Non-Lethal Strike" to avoid confusion.
      • The ability to generate RoC on defensive actions.
      • Players must roll equal to or greater than a given threshold.
      • Ignite and Frozen status effects are now “Weakened” and “Held” respectively.
      • Grimm Turn first turn score treated like a character’s PER score for determining turn order

      Also fixed numerous spelling and grammar errors. I doubt we will ever find them all.

      We also added a "contact us" of sorts to the end. As always you can usually contact me on the subreddit /r/Rwbytabletop, but now there exists a more "official" unofficial channel.


      Thank you to everyone who plays this game. Everyday I find someone new who plays without any input on my part and it is wonderful to watch unfold. We hit over 100,000 downloads on the October update at the beginning of the month, and I can only hope this version reaches even more people. So if you play and you enjoy this system, share with you friends and anyone you know even vaguely interested in either RWBY or tabletop gaming in general.

      June is our next update. Semblances, Aura, and Enemies are all coming under the microscope and may be completely changed. /r/Rwbytabletop will be updated with preliminary designs and has a dedicated community to all things RWBY RPGs.

      Thank you all again.

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    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop RPG, October Update.

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      A few weeks back, I posted the rules to a tabletop game created specifically for RWBY that I brought to RTX. A major update has come through that I can finally share.


      For those unfamiliar with this game, it is a standalone, easy to learn game system designed from the ground up to play a tabletop RPG in the RWBY universe; and is in my very biased opinion, the most true emulation of that world.

      The initial plan was monthly updates, but rather than segment them unnecessarily, (and because working with more people has slowed down the process than expected), the new update schedule is "when its ready". The "October Update" includes for rules on implementing almost everything we know about RWBY up until the beginning of Volume 3.

      Also, in slightly related news, the old version that made its debut at RTX, has had its PDF downloaded 16,000 times, with this version seeing over 600 downloads daily over the past week! I know that isnt a huge number on the internet, but I thought it was really cool.

      Also, if you are interested, come join us over on our subbreddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/RWBYTabletop

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    • 4 years ago

    • The Unofficial RWBY Tabletop

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      I have seen how many of these Tabletop Games set in RWBY have been floating around, so I figure I needed to show off my own project. It is an entirely standalone system, no prior knowledge of a specific game system is required, and was built from the ground up specifically for RWBY. It is extremely easy to pick up, making your first character and understanding all the rules takes less than 30 minutes, with every subsequent character taking less than 5. Players have enourmous freedom to make the characters they want, weapon classes are broad and overlapping, and GMs are given the tools to make nearly any Semblance brought to the table viable.

      And for those interested we also have a Subreddit dedicated to all things RWBY and Tabletops over at https://www.reddit.com/r/Rwbytabletop, so even if this game isnt your style, you can find one that fits your needs.

      Patches and Updates:

      August 2015 http://www.mediafire.com/view/ac39268598lqgk8/RWBY...

      October 2015: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n004hzhh3nc0vdn/...
      February 2016: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k9x39j3limnkisq/...

      June 2016: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o1ucfcoi4fq4ymr/...
      October 2016: http://www.mediafire.com/file/knl7zdmdvq21j8n/RWBY_Book-October_Vol_4.pdf

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