So I've seen a large amount of people raising issues with the new pricing and threatening to cancel their sponsorship. I guess my question what would make the price hikes worth it? 

For me personally I think the prices are fine i watch a variety of content and use the store semi frequently so I do not mind a price jump to help my favorite media company continue to make their content. the thing that doesn't make sense to me is that we are sponsors even if they don't really call us that every-time that is what we are, if you sponsor a baseball team they aren't going to give you unlimited baseballs but you might get one signed by the team to show a return on that investment, to let you know that they appreciate your support and that they will continue to work hard training. That was kind of an odd assimilation of the events but I believe it works for my point, too many people are looking at First as a subscription service but the thing is that most of the content is free to access only a little after it is released. That would be like if Netflix put stranger things up on youtube completely for free after they worked so hard to produce it, they would not get the same return on that. If you are and have been a first member you are first and foremost a sponsor you are aiding in the funding of all projects RT and company decide to make. To make another analogy that same baseball team you sponsor just because you fund them to some degree, this does not mean that you can tell the coach "OKAY, I'm tired of baseball you guys are a soccer team now!". That is  not how it works you fund them because you support what they do.

Alright, so now after my mini rant I'm still genuinely curious as to what in your opinion would make these new prices worth it since it seems that the massive amount of content that they already have and are in the process of producing/releasing is not enough to warrant them. (Thanks for coming to my interactive ted talk and have a great day!)

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