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    • Rooster Teeth Partnership + Full Sail University 2019!

      3 months ago

      Miles Miles

      Hey, folks! Are you interested in animation? How about game development? PRODUCTION, YOU SAY? Welllll, I have some good news! Turns out we have some awesome things coming up with Full Sail University in the next few months and I wanted to give y’all a little update!

      First up, we're excited to be heading out to Full Sail's 10th annual Hall of Fame Week. Our all-star recruiter Brooke will kick things off at their recruiting event on May 20, and then Jordan Cwierz (@Jordan), Chris Kokkinos (@ChrisKO), and I will be in attendance from May 22 - 23 for a Rooster Teeth panel, a livestream, a meet and greet event and checking out as many Hall of Fame events as we can. I'll also have the honor of giving a keynote speech on May 23, AND I’M DEFINITELY NOT NERVOUS ABOUT IT AT ALL.

      You may not know this, but we have a lot of Full Sail alums on staff at Rooster Teeth, so it's kinda wild to think I may end up speaking to some future members of our team. We hope it's going to be a good time and we're excited to check out all of the other activities and panels going on, too!

      After that undoubtedly awesome event, Full Sail will be bringing you an extra special episode of RTAA that discusses the animation process launching at RTX this year!

      We’re also working with Full Sail to bring you some collaborative podcasts and livestreams on animation. First, we're teaming up for a series of RT Podcast segments with animators and Full Sail alums who will talk about the animation process with Gus. These episodes will air live on May 20, June 3, June 17, and July 8. Meanwhile, we'll also be hosting livestreams on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel to talk about the whole animation process and answer questions from both our online community and Full Sail students in the classroom. The first of these livestreams will take place at Full Sail University during the Hall of Fame Week on May 22 at 4:00 p.m. CT, and then the rest will be at Rooster Teeth. We’ll keep you posted on specific details as those dates get closer.

      And last but definitely not least, Full Sail will have a booth at this year’s RTX (July 5 – 7) and hosting three Introduction to Animation sessions that weekend plus hosting mini-workshops in their booth with our attendees and share more about what they offer through the university, both on campus and online. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone considering this kind of career field to ask questions and learn more about the types of educational programs that are out there.

      Soooo YEAH, there's lots of really great stuff happening with this partnership and we're excited to be teamed up with an institution that does so much to further the art of animation. We'd love to meet Rooster Teeth fans and Full Sail students at the events, but if you can't be there in person, be sure to check out the RT Podcast episodes and get your questions ready for the livestreams!


    • spacemenandhuntressesandmagicandscifiandchibiandcampingand...

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      So we're not even a week into 2018, but I can't help but feel both excitement and stress as we embark on yet another year over in the RT Anim Department.

      A lot of what I do these days is read. I'm still writing on shows like Camp Camp, RWBY, and a few other things yet to be announced, but SO much of my time is spent reading the work of other people and giving them feedback. It's been great learning from so many other writers and working with them to try and bring their visions to life. It also serves as a reminder to step away from projects I work on and really try to look at them from a more technical and critical angle (which is admittedly hard to do sometimes). It's also SUPER TIRING, haha. We make SO many shows now (with more to come) and sometimes it feels impossible to keep track of them all. Jumping from one meeting for one show right into a meeting for another means having to immediately switch to completely different fictional universes, characters, and voices.

      My biggest goal of 2017 was to expand our writing team. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. We can't just hire someone who can write well, but who can write well for the stories we're trying to tell, who can work at the pace we have to work at, who we know we can learn to get along with and collaborate with. It's a tallllll order.

      Fortunately, we've met and worked with some really wonderful people in 2017. Tom Alvarado continues to be an absolute delight on RWBY Chibi and Joe Nicolosi has so much passion that you can't help but feel motivated after talking with him for five minutes. You've all gotten a taste of what Jason Weight can do through his work on Caboose's Guide to Finding your Home. That guy is just top-notch and super nice. There's some more great people I can't wait for y'all to meet, too (one lady in particular who is just so absurdly creative). It's exciting to know we'll be getting more help in the new year, but it also means more time I'll be spending reading the work of others as opposed to getting to write myself. That's not inherently a bad thing, but it's admittedly not my favorite part of the job. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I'll balance it all out, and I know in the end it's all gonna be groovy... it's just a little scary, haha.

      I didn't really have a point to this post, just sort of rambling a bit. I constantly forget that my daily routine may actually be really interesting for folks that don't work in this industry, so I thought a little insight could be cool! I want to get into the habit of posting to our site more (especially with all the improvements RT is hoping to add throughout the year).

      If anyone knows of a way for me to clone myself, hmu. In the meantime, I've gotta write up some notes on how Caboose is both the least intelligent and most intelligent character in the show...

      Have a good weekend!

    • The Last Jedi and Having Opinions [SPOILERS]

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      This is gonna be filled with Star Wars spoilers. You've been warned.

      Right. So. Let's just get this out of the way: I really did not like The Last Jedi. I went in with pretty middle-of-the-road expectations, but still left the theater thinking "Woof... that was rough." My main gripes can be boiled down to dialogue that treated the audience like an idiot and that apparently when you try to deconstruct everything, you're just sort of left with a mess of pieces.

      BUT, it's easy to gripe and complain about things. Nothing is perfect. Lord knows nothing I've ever written is perfect, and even though reading about why people don't like your work is necessary for growth... it still isn't very fun, haha.

      So I want to talk about what I thought was RAD in The Last Jedi. Promote some positive conversation and general giddiness, because isn't that why we go to see these kinds of movies in the first place?

      So without further ado...

      YO HOW COOL WAS IT WHEN KYLO AND REY TEAMED UP TO FIGHT THE ROYAL GUARD?! The choreography was so much fun and watching the two adversaries having to help one another out led to some serious "OH SHIT" moments (looking at you, Saber-Through-The-Face).

      DAWG, HOW RAD WAS IT THAT THE FILM ASKED THE QUESTION "WHY DON'T WE JUST SAY FUCK THE PAST AND ALL OF ITS TRADITIONS?" This is something I've seen really heavily defended about this movie, and I think it should be. The Force Awakens played a lot of things safe (which I think was totally fair and still very enjoyable), but Last Jedi has some if its characters take a step back and say "Light/Dark. Rebels/First Order. Jedi/Sith. They're all just two sides to this never-ending conflict. So why are we supporting either of them? Why are we still playing this game? Why don't we just get rid of all of it and try something NEW?" And I mean, yeah, this is obviously some meta commentary on Star Wars as a franchise, but I dig it. It's new. It's interesting. It validates my desire back when I was a teenager to play KOTOR as a morally ambiguous force-wielding badass.

      THE ENTIRE FILM IS ABOUT FAILURE. God DAMN is that a strong theme to get behind. Whether or not you think the story was successful in getting this point across to the audience, I still think it's one hell of a message to try and get behind and applaud them for going for it. You are GOING to fail in life and even though it reeeeeally hurts, it's absolutely necessary.

      THE MOVIE WAS FUCKING PRETTY TO LOOK AT. The battle on salt-planet, Rey having her trippy mirror-vision, and of course...

      MOTHER. FUCKING. HYPER-SPACE-SHIP-BULLET-SACRIFICE. FUCK. Whether you liked the movie or not, you GOTTA give props to what I would say is going to go down as one of the most memorable moments in Star Wars. The silence, the timing, the high contrast visuals, the FUCK YOU, FIRST ORDER OOMPH you felt when Admiral Holdo just DECIMATED the enemy fleet with her suicidal ship crash was just awesome.



      Okay, I'm okay. I'm good. I'm done now.

      So yeah... like I was saying... I actually didn't like The Last Jedi. I would honestly consider it to be a pretty bad movie, plain and simple. I know there's a lot of people out there that share my opinion and I know there's a lot of people out there that don't.

      And that's okay.

      It's easy to criticize and tear things apart (in fact, it's kind of fun), but it is important to remember that something that may seem dumb to one person, may actually be really important to someone else. By all means, defend your opinions and beliefs, but don't be an asshole about it. Don't go into a conversation with the intent to "win". Go in with the intent to have a conversation, which means talking and listening.

      It's harder to do than it sounds. As entertainers we often speak with hyperbole for the sake of getting a laugh (if you watch Fan Service, you're acutely aware of my thought's on JoJo). But all of us are guilty of firing up our phones so we can shout our feelings about things, so we can call our friends dumb, and blah, blah, blah. I don't think that kind of behavior will ever go away, but I do think we can all try and be a little more conscious of how we talk to one another.

      With that in mind, I hope you guys have a killer week, and may the Force be with you <3





    • Hoo boy...

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      I dunno if any of you guy's checked out Burnie's recent journal entry, but it now has me dreading our next Fan Service release this upcoming Saturday.

      I finally watched my episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and, uh... I had some OPINIONS.

      I stand by everything I said... but am bracing myself for the consequences.

    • Skyrim on Switch

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      I'm curious... how many people are picking up Skyrim on the Switch? I've never actually FINISHED Skyrim (do people even do that?), and the thought of playing on the go is pretty rad. At this point, I THINK my Switch will have a game that scratches every, possible itch ('cause holy shit, fucking DOOM ON THE SWITCH IS THE BOMB).

      I still can't believe how cool video games have become. We're a long way from the Game Boy.

    • We're taking cast photos for Fan Service today...

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      You know... four days after I shaved all my facial hair off?

      I love it. It's so good. I can't wait.

    • This meeting...

      1 year ago

      Miles Miles

      I'm two hours into a nine hour meeting and holy shit I cannot focus. I'm really hoping this looks like I'm taking diligent notes right now. I bet it does. It probably does. Shit, Chris noticed me. I gotta go.

      EDIT: Real talk though, this is such a cool company to be a part of. Despite my ADHD doing its best to distract me, I can't help but admire the folks in this room who care so much about making RT better. I hope we can!

    • "Red Means Recording"

      2 years ago

      Miles Miles

      Just found this guy's channel last night and felt like sharing. As someone stumbling their way into the world of music, this kind of shit blows my mind.

    • The Making of "Better Than You"

      2 years ago

      Miles Miles

      Howdy Campers!

      I hope you guys have all been enjoying the new season of Camp Camp! It's been an absolute blast getting to work on this show with Jordan, Kerry, and Gray and I'm SO happy it's back.

      One of the things I wanted to do this season was write a new song, as I had a ton of fun writing "The Camp Camp Song Song" which plays at the start of every episode. I've always been really interested in music. In school I played violin, saxophone, and guitar... and I was terrible at all of them. HOWEVER, I've really developed a love for working with musicians on the shows we make (like Nico and David for RvB). The only problem is... I can't read or write music.

      Throughout the production of the Chorus Trilogy, I would often call Nico and have to sing melodies to him and describe the kind of instrumentation I was hearing in my head because I simply didn't speak the language. It sounded just as silly as you'd expect, but it got the job done, so I did something similar for David and Daniel's song "Better Than You"!

      It started with dozens of voice memos saved to my phone of me just humming different melodies, adding to them, and then eventually settling on one that I liked! After that, I moved onto the lyrics. Turns out writing lyrics for songs is INCREDIBLY fun. It's this cool word puzzle where you have to not only make sure the words rhyme, but that they all have the right number of syllables AND are hopefully funny/clever/cute/etc. I got my first taste of it on the RvB Musical from Season 14, then again with Camp Camp, but THIS time I wanted to flex my teeny, tiny music muscles and take on a duet!

      The song was originally titled "When Daniel Went Down to Camp Camp" (but I changed it as it was a little too on-the-nose), and these are the lyrics:




      I wrote David's verse first, Daniel's second, then had to write their simultaneous parts for the finale and figure out how to harmonize with myself. It took a LOT of voice memos, but I finally figured it out, practiced it, and walked into our sound booth one day and asked our mixer Alena for a favor.

      This was the end result.

      The children are horrifying. I know.

      We sent that off to Camp Camp's composer, Benjamin Zecker, and HE. MADE. THAT. SHIT. DOPE. Re-recording the song with ACTUAL music to listen to made the whole experience way more fun, and he made a slight suggestion to change the melody that actually works a lot better with all of his supporting instruments, BECAUSE HE'S A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS.

      After that, Daniel was cast! You might know Evan Gregory from the musical group The Gregory Brothers. Not only was he a great voice actor for our creepy cult leader, but the son of a bitch can SING. Like Benjamin, Evan added his own ideas to some of his lines that really helped elevate the entire song and we were super grateful to have him come on board for the role.

      Soooo YEAH! Thanks to the amazing work of Ben and Evan, our sound team, our animators, our producer, our director, and plenty of other incredible folks, we were able to take a silly little recording of myself and turn it into something awesome!

      Here's to hoping we can do it again sometime...

    • Breath of the Wild and Music

      2 years ago

      Miles Miles

      YO! So I wanted to record a video where I geeked out over the music in Zelda: Breath of the Wild but... I ain't got time for that. SO, I decided to just go ahead and post a rough version of the script I was putting together (mainly because I think by the time I would have time to film this, no one would be playing Zelda anymore, haha).

      I'd like to say that as of now I've yet to beat Zelda (DON'T BE  A DICK AND POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS), buuuut here are some thoughts I had on the music of the game so far. Let me know what you guys think!


      The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a third person, action adventure game developed and published by Nintendo on March 3rd, 2017--BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT BECAUSE IT WAS LITERALLY THE HIGHEST RATED VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that people will be talking about this game for years to come, and for good reason, but I wanted to take a second to talk about something I personally found fascinating about Breath of the Wild and that’s its use of music.

      Now before I go any further I just want to say I’m not an expert on any of this. I don’t make video games or report on video games, I just play a lot of video games, and if you don’t agree with whatever it is I’m about to say or think it’s stupid or that I’m giving the game too much credit or whatever… that’s totally cool. Also I’m just gonna assume you have, like, a base level familiarity with the Legend of Zelda series and in regards to Breath of the Wild spoilers, I’m mainly gonna be talking about stuff that happens within the first few hours of the game and avoiding as much of the story as possible. That being said, I would rather you not spoil the game for yourself than read this. Seriously. Go play this game.

      ...Okay, I’m gonna nerd out over Zelda now.

      I would argue that the Legend of Zelda series has some of the most iconic music in gaming. The original cartridge was released back in 1986, which has given players over THIRTY YEARS to allow for dozens of melodies to be burned into their brains. You can’t go to a renaissance fair without hearing some dude playing The Lost Woods theme on an ocarina he’s gonna try to sell you for $20… maybe 15 if it’s Sunday.

      But take all of those songs, every memory you have associated with them, every SINGLE thing you know and love about the Legend of Zelda… and understand that it’s gone.

      Because that is the message this game is trying to convey to you from the beginning: The land of Hyrule is dead. It died 100 years ago and all that’s left are the skeletal remains of a fallen kingdom.

      Everything about Breath of the Wild is screaming this message. The fact that you start with nothing, the fact that you scavenge for everything, the fact that hills are littered with ancient, rusted blades from battles long lost, the fact that - aside from one mysterious old man - you don’t meet another person until you’ve put hours into your adventure, and I could go on!

      ...but this is supposed to be a talk about music, so let’s take a step back and acknowledge that music… is noticeably absent from this game.

      Whereas most Zelda games immerse you with nonstop themes and melodies no matter where you go, Breath of the Wild’s creators made the decision to deviate from this strategy and instead provide scarce, atmospheric instrumentation that comes and goes depending on your locations, actions, and time of day.

      Now there’s tons of reasons why they might have made this decision, the most obvious of which I would assume to be practicality. With Zelda’s return to an open world design, constant music would inevitably become grating. So, they took a page from games such as Skyrim and Minecraft and opted for occasional and situational music. But this choice also helps to support the initial message and tone of the game I brought up earlier. As players we’re used to music in our Zelda games, so when it’s not there it’s weird.

      So, absence of music leads to unfamiliarity, but let’s talk about where there IS music. Breath of the Wild is doing something really cool and it starts at the Temple of Time. The temple is likely one of the first places you’ll explore in the game and it’s music falls in line with the scarce ambiance you’ve been introduced to so far, so much so that you may not even notice that it does indeed have it’s own theme. BUT if you listen, you’ll realize that composer Manaka Kataoka has incorporated Zelda’s Lullaby into the song… or at least... three notes of it. After those three notes, though, the melody takes a turn and drops into something completely different. It then almost seems to come back, as if struggling to continue, before again inevitably falling away into something new, unfamiliar, and ultimately… sad. This used to be one of the most memorable locations in the Legend of Zelda and it’s paired with what used to be one of the most memorable songs… but not anymore.

      (EDIT: Shout out to Twitter user @hylain_gamer for pointing out that the Temple of Time theme is actually still there in it's entirety, it's just UNBELIEVABLY SLOWED DOWN. Gotta go back and make an adjustment to this bit when I get time. Nevertheless, this is not the temple theme most remember. It's sad, slow, and broken down. Good ear, @hylian_gamer!)

      Fast forward several hours.

      At this point in the game you’ve learned more about who you are, why you’re here, and what the state of the world is. You understand that it’s up to YOU to save Hyrule and you are on a journey to do so. It’s around this time you’re likely to run into the first of many stables. Yes, stables have a theme song, and yes, Kataoka once again borrows three notes from a famous Zelda melody: Lon Lon Ranch.

      Unlike the Temple of Time, stable music is pretty nice! The first stable you’re likely to come across in the game is really one of the first signs of modern civilization you’ve encountered! It’s happy and it has a tinge of familiarity thanks to those three little notes. You remember the delightful NPCs of past games and you remember riding a horse, which brings us to the first, completely unsubtle incorporation of a Zelda song.

      Riding your horse at night allows you to finally listen to a song you’ve known since 1986: the Legend of Zelda theme song. Like THE theme song. The strings bring it in gently and it’s the perfect compliment to the soft, plucky notes of the piano. It’s not the theme in it’s entirety, but it’s unmistakably there. WHY?

      Because at this point, you have begun to take the world BACK and you have begun to feel like LINK. You’ve fought monsters, you’ve solved puzzles, you’ve found rupees, YOU’VE GOT A HORSE. These are things that are familiar and they are reinforced with THIS music that you’re likely to hear around this point in the game as you make your way towards…

      One of the Four Races of Hyrule. Whether it’s Zora’s Domain or the Goron City, the homes of these four races all use music that you’ve heard before. At this point it’s all there, ALL OF IT. By now you’ve begun reclaiming Link’s memories with the aid of Impa and the Sheika Slate and low and behold you’re given music that you, the player, remember!

      It’s all about reclaiming what was lost. Hyrule died and the music went with it, but as you fight to take the kingdom back you’re rewarded with the melodies you grew up listening to for hours. It’s different, it’s intentional, and maybe you hate it… but I love it, because I love the music of the Legend of Zelda… and I will fight every Moblin in Hyrule to bring it back.

      So… YEAH!

      Music. Zelda. Awesome.

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    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      10 months ago


      From Scruffyturtles

    • RomanHeretic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold I hate goodbyes

      1 year ago

      Hey Miles. Just wanted to say that you are awesome. That is all.

      P.S. I also do not have any problems with Jaune. I know some of the community has been vocal about him but he is almost as cool as you in my book.

    • TheKingofPizza

      1 year ago

      What do you think of this: (i created the character via the description but never made a drawing of him and i requested TruiArts to draw him) also, for the Volume 6 premire have Salem kidnap Ruby and accidentally Blake as well as Oscar and she would drop the three off to an art academy literally near Atlas Academy in Sapphire's room (Salem has hopes that Ruby would be interested in art and puppetry as much as she is loves to be a huntress) and Sapphire would tell Ruby, Blake, and Oscar that Saphire was assigned by his Aunt Salem and Ozpin (Sapphire refers to him as the Headmaster of Beacon) that he must keep the current Summer Maiden safe. Salem would tell Ruby that Sapphire is unaware of her plans and she doesnt want Sapphire involved in her war against Ozpin. Sapphire alludes to Simba from the Lion King. and have Yang, Wiess, Qrow, Ren and Nora go to the academy because they're worried about Ruby and Blake being at Salem's art academy when in reality, Ruby and Blake are having a great time and by the time they get there, Ruby and Blake are already in bed for the night with Sapphire and the Summer Maiden (its night time).

      this should be the plot of RWBY Volume 6

    • Hardbarger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Let me start out by saying, I love Camp Camp and all the happiness it brings to the world.  For the last year I've been working for the Boy Scouts of America (Wood Scouts) as a Camp Ranger (Quarter Master).  At this point I've come to realize that Camp Camp is the origin story not only for the area and the people in it, but for my boss, Davey.  Yes, his name is really Davey, and from talking to him, you can tell he used to be happy and plucky(?) all the time.  However, his origin was 10 years ago and now he's something a little...harder.  Davey has worked his way up in the world and works from the office a lot, but makes it out to camp to come and cringe at what's been going on.  If the urge to see what David (the character) turns out like, feel free to swing by sometime, we'll be running around in a constant state of panic.

      Camp Campbell it self is about 5 minutes down the road, the Girl Scouts (Flower Scouts) about 15 minutes the other direction (though they come to my camp and bribe me with cookies) and about 5 other camps within a 20 minute drive.  Town has the pure Mexican cane-sugar dealers and there is no lake, but the ocean is 30 minutes away.

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      1 year ago

      So I saw the AMA.

      I am sorry that so many treat you like that to the point you feel insecure about Jaune.

      I can assure you MANY more of us dont feel that way at all. None of us wish that kind of behavior on you.

      So From MANY fans we wish you the best and goodwill.

      We love what you do and enjoy your works.


    • JoeCr

      1 year ago

      These past few Backwardz Compatible episodes have been awesome! Thanks for the top content!

    • WhiskyOmega

      1 year ago

      Hope 2018 is a good year for you, Miles!

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      1 year ago

      There is a Game series called Utawarerumono which I think you may want to play as I see a LOT of things RWBY shares with it including combo attacks.

      There is 3 games in the series though the first one is almost impossible to find now a days.

      But the other 2 are on the PS4 store. And they are divorced enough from the first game that a quick Wiki run will get you up to speed and able to understand the subtle details.

      Its a tactical VN the second game Mask of Deception is a lot more VN then game but the third fixes that. Its a lot like chess with characters having move limits as well as Attack ranges but not in a way bad way at all.

      I have played both of the PS4 and I see a lot of things that reminds me of RWBY and I think you would enjoy if not find inspiration for.

      Its complex like RWBY clearly is and tells a compelling story centered around the characters who like RWBY are for the most part unaware of the larger scope of their world but do in fact slowly find out about it.

      It even has Grimm counterpart in the Tatari slime like monsters that saying more will in fact spoil parts of the game let us just say I REALLY hope Grimm arent as close to Tatari.

      So I think you will enjoy it as the story telling builds into this gorgeous story that I hope they continue into a fourth game with.

    • birds_chirp

      1 year ago

      bring back team CFVY i miss velvet

    • SocialMediaNot4Me

      1 year ago

      Hello, I've been a fan of RoosterTeeth immediately after I watched my first episode in the first volume of RWBY. So,I wanted to ask will we see anything from RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in the show. I know GE(Grimm Eclipse) takes place between Volume 2 and 3 but I don't think it has been mentioned outside the game and a potential plot-hole is there because a DLC in GE let you play as JNPR so explaining the events to JPR would be weird. If you can let the community(and me) know it would be great! P.S. If I was exposed to ask this somewhere else someone please let me know. SocialMediaNot4Me    

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      1 year ago

      So Vol 5 I am sure you are hearing things by now. Rather then focus on the bad or anything like that I would like to try to offer critiques that will help rather then just say you are bad or anything like that.

      Because while I personally wasnt a Fan of Vol 5 Ep 14 I am not going to treat it as the make it or break it. And to be clear for me the issue is the cut away from fights it felt very much like Ep 13 and 14 were one episode you were forced to split and 14 suffered for that.

      So the Fights scenes many are saying they are lacking with the exception of the Raven vs Cinder fight. I have heard you are bringing in the Deathbattle people to help out so I wont really go into details here.

      One thing I think can really help is sound. During some of the fight scenes there are other people who are suppose to be fighting though we dont see them. One thing that might help remove the not doing anything others claim is by adding in the character sounds. By this I mean Yang's gauntlets and Ruby's scythe have unique sounds adding them in on a lower volume with sounds from who they are suppose to be fighting will help sell the illusion of them fighting in the background.

      Also you have probably also heard many take issues with the standing around and talking. I really cant offer advice there outside of maybe including it with another activity. For example RNJR was suppose to be training some of those talks could have been included with training this helping out on multiple levels.

      We were in Mistral and yet we saw really nothing of it and that was super odd I assume the reason is because you are going to do something next volume and it needs everyone IE Pyrrha's parents. But if you guys are going to do that it might help to give a reason why we arent seeing it much. So for example saying they need to keep Oscar downlow to prevent people from finding out about Ozpin as well as keeping Ruby off people's radar now that Salem sent tyrian after her. This at least gives an excuse why Ruby and Oscar arent going anywhere and you can say the others dont leave to help protect them with only an occassional run to get food while Qrow hunts down other hunters.

      Another thing is Yang's PTSD and Jaune's issues. Some are saying you have or will sweep them under the rug. I dont think you are Raven flat out says Yang is shaking which I know is hard to animate and she had a breakdown right after that. I think you are trying to be respectful of Yang as a character and PTSD as an issue and its just not coming across well to some people is all. As for Jaune they think now that he has semblance he will magically get better which I dont think you will do that.

      So I bring this up just so you are aware of it and can maybe address it.

      I also hope now that the split party is fixed we will see less of the drawn out. Blake's story felt kind of drawn out and overly long. I know you were all trying to fit it to RNJR's timeline so there remained a sense of urgency but at times it felt too stretched out.

      So that is about all I can think of. I hope this helps and I wish you and Kerry well for Vol 6.

    • JayB_SS FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      I Just saw this and figured you would want to see for yourself. I love watching RWBY and love even more that I get to watch RWBY CHIBI with my kids.

      Man at Arms RWBY Weiss Schnee's Myrtenaster

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      1 year ago

      So I have read about the german panel and on Cinder's semblance.

      I dont believe it for a second.

      Now I dont believe because of Pyrrha, as you demonstrate with Ozpin and Oscar a body isnt needed to do a revival and we know we had the Aura machine Pyrrha was in and working before everything went Belly side up. With Gods Magic and world altering Relics Pyrrha having a body or not is not an unmountable project if you guys so desire.

      So Pyrrha has nothing to do with this.

      What me not believing you guys on Cinder's semblance is because its too strong. She can literally turn anyone with a mere touch into dust. That is extremely powerful. Now you might say oh well aura prevents it from just happening. There is a lot of things without Aura walls, floors, equipment and the like. Cinder at will has the ability to break down and reshape anything she so desires with a mere touch this gives her the ability to reshape the environment she is fighting in. This gives her huge advantages and the ability to stop most things short with but a shot.

      Most other semblances dont do that. Yang gets stronger with each hit but as Neo and Adam show that can be used against her very easily. Ruby has speed which can be predicted and countered like Merc did. Blake clones which can be useful but are by their nature limited. Weiss is the most Op of RWBY but even she has limits as her Glyphs are clearly shaped by her Dust which she doesnt have an unlimited supply and there seems to be limits on what the Glyphs can do.

      In Short Cinder's semblance as you have stated and shown is extremely over powered and she really didnt need it as she has been shown to be a powerful fighter on her own with the abilities that are not her semblance.

      And RWBY is about Awesome fights which Cinder as she currently is, is too powerful.

      The other reason why is the whole No body thing. Speaking as someone who has read a LOT having a Body is actually more proof positive as you can show they are dead and gone with everyones honest reaction to it.

      Doing what you did is the EASIEST way to make it so people can create theories. In case you are wondering go look up Final Fantasy Kingsglaive and look how they warp vs how Cinder "killed" Pyrrha they look a LOT alike.

      So if your intent was to make sure people couldnt say she could be still alive the way you went about it was the exact opposite.

      Then there is some of your answers which seems made up to move away from questions without making it too obvious you are doing so.

      So no offense but you guys arent selling me on Cinder's semblance.

      Now I love RWBY so I dont want you to think I am just slamming you guys I am just trying to make clear I think you guys are playing a shell game in order to keep future spoilers in check something you guys have made clear is a big issue you dont want to happen.

    • Cassner FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Hail Hydra

      2 years ago

      You probably more about twitter than the site now I. Days but I don't have twitter so here I go, My Hero Academia almost a full Froppy episode!!! You had to seen it by now. A bit of filler but who cares instead of the three pages of the characters talking about their internships just showing clips of them has great. And top it off Froppy episode, so hope only the best stuff happens for her. 

    • Handsy Professional Ametuer

      2 years ago

      Thank you for being so cool during RTX this year, both on the panels and face to face. Your positive attitude is infectious. All weekend I've been meeting people who i've seen online for years, and everyone including you have been so nice and genuine, its been a dream come true. So thank you for that.

    • Sting42 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Hi, Miles.  Thought you might find this interesting:

      Enjoy! :)

    • FunHausFraud

      2 years ago

      Holy crap, you actually accepted the request..?

      I have no idea why you would... Today's shaping up to be a strange day.

    • MylesSimon

      2 years ago

      Its two of your anime interests I believe. Dragon maid and Attack on titan.

    • BrianJohnso2

      2 years ago

      YES! I remember that Kim Possible episode with the super speed that, when she picks up people, their necks should've snapped. I forgot Smashmouth was in it till you mentioned it. How do we have the same childhood? Why do you have to make me remember things!

      Happy Birthday man.

    • JRPG_Zachary

      2 years ago

      Happy Birthday Miles! Thanks for everything you do for Rooster Teeth. Here is to many more!  jaune

    • DiMono FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold It's Back Baby!

      2 years ago


      Sometimes he's blue

    • JRPG_Zachary

      2 years ago

      That Sonic Underground theme song... Am I right or am I dreadfully wrong :P

      P.S. - I'm loving Backwardz Compatible  thumbsup

    • BrianJohnso2

      2 years ago

      Thank you for accepting the request, it means a lot.

    • metallicmakarov

      2 years ago

      Just wanted to let you know that Season 13 Red vs Blue will always be my favorite :D

    • Jack_Lockhart Jack Lockhart

      2 years ago

      Hey Miles, I was wondering if I could send you a copy of a RWBY OC Character I've been working on, not saying I want him in the show just want to hear your Opinion and criticism on the character.

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      By the good Sir Efr-S



      This is the family of Dorks as it should be.

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      So I dont know how much of the writing you have done and which way you are going with it but this is something I noticed.

      You can start another World War in RWBY as the situation stands after vol 4.

      We have Watts and Co working with Leo the headmaster of Haven. That isnt a small thing and has a lot of potential to mess things up.

      Add in with Tensions high because of the Fall of Beacon and lack of communication it would be easy to fan war fever.

      Atlas is pinned for the Fall because Cinder televised Atlas mechs attacking Vale people. Now Atlas is closing its borders and stopping shipments of Dust. It would be VERY easy to spin that as them trying to stockpile and get ready for war.

      Cinder had connections to haven in fact Leo was her contact in Haven. She showed a LOT of attention to Pyrrha. Add in with how odd Pyrrha's "Death" was and things begin to take odd turns.

      If Pyrrha was "Alive" but somehow controlled by Cinder they could kick start a World War using her. Have recovered Atlas mechs attack Mistral with Pyrrha "Saving" the people. She then spews a story of Atlas being behind everything and they are beginning to attack.

      With Atlas's behavior and the fact people think they attacked Beacon with the right people backing Pyrrha, such as lets say the headmaster of Haven? , with her national tournament status Pyrrha could rally the people of Mistral to begin a war.

      Then while they are off fighting their war with Atlas White Fang comes in and attacks destroying Mistral. With Vale damaged, Mistral damaged, Atlas hurt by the attack that leaves only Vaccuo and Menagerie as the standing powers.

      Which knowing Salem and Cinder they would have plans for that as well. 

      Plans such as fingering Vaccuo as the ones who attacked Mistral as repayment for the old war? 

      Its VERY easy to see this devolving into another Great War if Handled right.

    • Izayer Keeper of Stories

      2 years ago

      Hey Miles. I know you're a big fan of music. A while back I found this channel on YT. It's a great music channel for up and coming electronic based artist of all kinds. I hope you can pull inspirations for shows and scripts from this music channel.

    • RowdyRose

      2 years ago

      OMG RWBY is going on Japanese Television!!! OoO

    • jarodmw

      2 years ago

      Have you played Tales of Berseria yet? It's pretty awesome and fun and you should totally check it out! I think you'd really like it  jaune

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      So vol 4 is finished...Good Job.

      If you dont mind I am going to leave my overall impression of it what I thought you did well and what you did poorly.Also a few ideas on how to make it better.

      I understand if you read this roll your eyes and move on I just feel I should express myself to you.

      Before I begin I would like to say I trust you guys.

      Its very clear to me Vol 4 was meant as a construction Volume where you rebuild all your characters as well as give us Lore. You were also clearly trying to move away from Vol 3's tone and sense of defeat but doing so in a natural way.

      What makes me trust you guys though is how complex you have shown the world to be and the fact you guys have so much foreshadowing in it. The whole entire issue with the Traitor for example that makes too much sense looking back.

      And I think you guys have planted more but we arent aware of it yet because we lack the tools to see it.

      So because you guys have shown me your world is complex and full of things I dont understand yet but you have all clearly thought about this I feel I can safely trust you guys to tell a RWBY story I will love, I may not like parts of IE Pyrrha's death but ultimately I will look back at this and think it was worth it.

      Now let us start with the things I feel you guys did poorly.

      The Split focus of Vol 4 I think was just straining the limits too much. Some of this was because of pacing but others was the time limit. You had to bounce from part to part and it feels like you skimped on details to make the volume fit together.

      I think you also agree with this seeing as by the end of Vol 4 most of the cast is either in Mistral on their way or pointed at it. This will lessen the split focus by a wide margin and allow you to give more details.

      The other major issue I feel is feelings. There is a lot of emotional subjects discussed and brought up but many of them especially in regards to Pyrrha feel like they get brought up to remind us of them then buried again with no expression of them.

      I am pretty sure some of that is future issues and you are just keeping us aware but some expression of it I feel would be needed even if you are trying not to deal with them.

      The next issue is the fights..I cant place my finger on it but they dont feel outside of Tyrian and Knuckles special or memorable. I dont know how to express this but the fights just felt off for the beginning stuff and more real and RWBY like in the later.

      The final issue I see is some characters feel under used or Out of Character. Nora for example feels under used until we hit the last couple of volumes. Sun in the beginning felt Out of Character same goes for Blake's reaction to him in more then a couple of cases.

      Now what you did well.

      Expressions good lord the expressions you guys really did a wonderful job there. Blake is the stand out between her face and ears she really conveys her emotions. 

      The Latter Volumes Emotional Scenes many of them were deeply touching even when not a single word is said or expressed. JNPR in the Monologue for example or Ren and Nora on the Airship. You guys conveyed those emotions VERY well. 

      The recovery of the characters all of them slowly rebuilding and healing over the course of this volume and the way you guys showed them healing was really well done I feel. 

      Lore building. Vols 1-3 were light on the Lore most likely to avoid spoiling magic but now you guys are opening the flood gates and the lore you are creating is a complex tapestry that hints at a lot of things. Some I assume you meant others not so much.

      The Models. You guys have really increased your game in terms of character and models many of the places and people seen are just a sight to behold.

      Now how do I think you can do better in the future.

      I think your biggest issue is time you have such small time slots that you have to cut details and story in order to make it fit and I think sometimes that hurts you like here with the split focus. Now I am sure saying increase the time slot is easy to say not so easy to do. But I feel more time can only help you guys.

      Foreshadowing you guys have it and its really subtle but a couple of stuff could have been touched on a bit more such as with Ruby and the Pyrrha dreams. Just a bit more attention here or there I think would help.

      More varied interactions this is an issue going back to vol 1 but some of your characters barely interact with each other such as Blake and Jaune for example. I think getting your characters to interact a bit more with a wider group will help you guys.

      That is what I feel about this volume ultimately I feel you guys did a good job yes it wasnt perfect but from my way of looking at things I dont think you could have gotten it perfect I am going to borrow a quote here

      Because you were the Doctor on the day it wasn't possible to get it right!

      You had to handle so much from vol 3 tone, world shaping, split characters, and so on. With all that I dont think you guys could have done a perfect everyone is happy job. But I do feel you guys did a good job DESPITE all that.

      Also as an idea RWBY RPG.

      I dont know what you guys have in the workshop right now but I think RWBY would be VERY easy to translate into an RPG.

      Aura takes the place of HP. Dust MP. Semblances are Limit Breaks or other like abilities. You could have Special abilities like Jaune switching to Claymore mode or Blake doing a shadow clone strike and other like things. Grimm would be the bad guys and helps explain the never ending supply.

      Save Points Scroll or scroll docks and its you sending mission updates to home.

      Special party guests like Qrow and tai for example. 

      Shop Keep being your merchant. Little Funny sidequests like taking Zwei for a walk and ending up facing White Fang Power ranger rip offs. That sort of thing.

    • JROY FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaurdian Lvl.3

      2 years ago

      Ok just going to say the dude Shouting about Pyrrha made me laugh hard and I don't know why!

    • JROY FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaurdian Lvl.3

      2 years ago

      Hey big congrats on the wrap up of volume 4, was a fun ride and gotta say some of my favourite scenes were in this volume. Looking forward to volume 5! 

    • SAmaster

      2 years ago

      Dear Miles-

      Can I refer to you as Smiles? This has become an issue that needs sorting out. No joke.

    • Croswynd Youtube Anime Superstar

      2 years ago

      Hey Miles, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking fondly of you. You're always so happy-go-lucky and an utter joy whenever you're in videos or on camera.

      I know those aren't all the feelings you have or even want to show on recordings, so if you ever feel sad or tired like all human beings do, I hope you can remember the many, many people who cherish you.

      If a fan like me who has never met you and doesn't know the real you can hope and wish you the best, your friends and family can do a million times better if you ever need them to, I think.

      So I hope you have a great day, and thank you for always being such a star, in so many senses of the word.

    • Max_Morrow FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Max

      2 years ago

      Keep up the good work

    • JRPG_Zachary

      2 years ago

       jauneHey Miles, I watched your Final Fantasy XV stream the other day and really enjoyed it. I'm hoping you will continue streaming somewhat often on Twitch and/or teaming up with other members of RT to stream. pyrrha

    • Nola0534

      2 years ago

      Dear Miles
      I have been a fan of your work for a couple of years now, and I just found out that you were not only a Boy Scout, but an Eagle Scout! I just achieved my Eagle rank, and it makes me feel really good to know that someone I admire is also one!  

      Keep up the good work,

    • thmsmcd6 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and everyone involved in bringing RWBY to life. I've long been a fan of RvB, and RWBY is an amazingly cool show. I've seen through episode 7 of volume 4 at this point and I've never been on the edge of my seat more watching RWBY. I'm so nervous for these characters I love.

      Stop making us feel things! Haha! 

      All of you guys are doing a great job. I hope to also see more of RWBY Chibi so we can have just comic relief where nothing bad ever happens. Ever.

      Keep up the good work.

    • bachjay1 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Your writing some great stuff for Roosterteeth man.  Keep it up.

    • bachjay1 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

    • RoseThornebush FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Dear Miles,

      So, I’m new to the RWBY scene, and I’ve had a banging time so far watching every single episode. As a new fan, it’s only fair that I start making my demands! 

      My question to you is when is James going to give Glynda the iron and the wood.  smirk A man that is half man, half metal should be able to turn Glynda from Glynda the "good witch" to Glynda the "bad b*tch." smirk I see the tension, the angst. I saw that elevator scene in Volume 3. Good old Glynda couldn't even walk straight after that moment. It's clear that they've been missing each other in Volume 4. Last we saw of Glynda, she couldn't even fix Beacon because she was having withdrawals. All of Volume 2-3, James was giving Glynda that good ole loving, and, all of a sudden, it stops! Poor Glynda doesn't know what to do! Her riding crop hasn't seen action in months! And don't get me started on poor Ironwood. He has a five o'clock shadow. His skin in looking paler. He has lost a bit of wait all because he hasn't been able to give Glynda that slab. smirk The distance between Atlas and Vale is life threatening! I'm afraid that if they don't see each other soon they won't be able to function properly from all of the sexual tension next time they meet. Forget restoring Vale, they will be restoring other things. smirk

      And let's not forget about Yang. She needs some loving after that tragic incident! She needs a man. She needs a nautical God! She needs Neptune! Forget about Weiss. Yang lost one appendage. So, it is only fair that she gets another! Let Neptune give her his trident! smirk


      RoseThornebush and Friend

      • SgtCabooseftw FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Slayer of Teammates

        2 years ago

        Damn. I cant even criticize because its so well put together

    • JROY FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaurdian Lvl.3

      2 years ago

      I keep hearing people complaining about RWBY cliffhangers so I had to make this.


    • JROY FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gaurdian Lvl.3

      2 years ago

      Miles I'm bored make a comment to entertain me!

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago


      Saw this on RWBYMotivations I figured you should see and I support the message thank you for all your hard work Miles.

      • Miles FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Miles

        2 years ago

        hey, thanks!

      • RoaringSkies

        2 years ago

        Hey Miles! The picture reminded me of a question, will we see Neo in the future? Thanks! ^_^

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      So I am not sure how much you would be interested in seeing this but here you go.



      Please ignore my dog's tail in the spear picture she decided she wanted to nap.

      I havent figured out what I am going to color it yet but the idea is its an older Model so it doesnt transform as much.

      Its based on the M1 Garand 6 clip version rifle.

      its Name is Dealg which is Irish for Thorn 

      I based it off Milo's rifle form and Spear form with some modifications because I have always liked spears.

      And yeah I have no problem with you guys doing stuff with it. I just figured you would like to see what you guys have inspired in others.

      • Miles FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Miles

        2 years ago

        That is RAD. Keep up the great work. You're super talented.

    • ImmaThinkin

      2 years ago

      Just a quick question. Yeah, I know you're busy, but...


      ...correct me if I'm wrong, but is it just me, or do those two faunus in the middle have two traits each? I mean, I'd be cool with some faunus characters having 2 traits if they're descendants of some mystical species or some shit like that, but still- what gives, bro?!

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      There will always be times when even your best efforts fail. But the courage to give it another go...that's the steel you forge destinies with.


      World of Final Fantasy

      I think its obvious whom I think this quote most works with but I also think you and Kerry need to hear it as well.

      You may not always get it right with writing and directing or what have you. But dont let that stop you. Just because it failed once doesnt mean it needs to fail always.

      We are not the same person from a Day ago nor a minute ago. We grow and change with each breath we take. Failure is the past no matter its not determined until it happens. So try and try no matter how many times because that one success makes it worth it.

      My best wishes.

    • pyrozero FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold red beard

      2 years ago

      I just want to thank you for what you said during the advice portion of always open. =)  

    • revanninja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold One who is judged by the

      2 years ago

      Miles the FEELS.


      Vol 4 Episode 2

      My hat is off to you and Kerry good sir.

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