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    • The Skinny On $ell Outs!

      3 years ago


      Some friends and I have been working on a new project, a card based party game we are calling Sell Outs! It’s a great prompt-response style game with tons of combinations. The best part about this game: it takes some creativity to win. Your cards will not speak for themselves, it is up to you, the merchant, to give the consumer (the judge) a reason to pick your card.

      We have a prototype that we have been playtesting when we can, and so far, we’ve had a blast! We still have a long way to go, what with needing designs, a proper website, a marketing plan and more, but our goal is to have a Kickstarter campaign up in January 2017!

      We have over 900 cards planned across our three card types. The base game is expected to contain between 350 and 550 cards, and the specialized expansions will be about 100 cards each. The expansions will be things like the Adult expansion, the Black Market expansion, the TV expansion, and more.

    • We are $ell Outs?!?!

      3 years ago


      For the past few months, my friend has been working hardcore on a party card game called $ell Outs. Not only that but he has been working on Bad Kerning... which is our website. He has high hopes that he can create a business with that and I think he can because he is determined and has pretty good ideas. He and his friend Alex have worked for a few months on creating a deck of 500 cards and some designs for the cards. I post stuff here because I feel that we are a community and we should be helping each other grow. I believe in him and want him to follow his dream and that is why I help him. We will be at RTX this weekend with the game for anyone who would like to play during some downtime. Ive been reading that there will be a lot of waiting time during the convention. For anyone who would like to know what Sell outs is... feel free to stop by our website....

    • Board Games Galore

      in Forums > Board Games Galore | Follow this topic


      So my friends and I have weekly board game nights and we all seem to have very big collections of board games. Even if we have a lot we are still looking for more. If anyone has any suggestions or has any favorite board games you think others will enjoy as well, feel free to post. ...... Monopoly, Clue and Life don't count sadly. I'd play Monopoly any day but sadly... you can't play the board game by yourself.

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    • Rum Shaka!

      3 years ago


      So procrastination definitely hit. I have to finish a 20 pages paper for the marketing class. I've had about 10 weeks to write it... im down to 3 weeks left with only 3 pages. Right now im on spring break so I have a lot of time today to do things. Granted, there are a lot of things I have to do but first, i'll drive down to Wegmans to see if they have a cocktail shaker. I've always wanted to get into bartending so what better way to do that then to mix a couple of drinks for friends. Weird... the RT Podcast mentioned Moscow Mules..... they are soooo goooddddd.. Anyway, lets see how much I actually get done today.

    • Keep Trying

      3 years ago


      Last year, my boyfriend and I tried to start up a gaming youtube channel. After a couple of months of record some stuff with a gamecaster and singstar karaoke mics, we were able to create some videos. We had our friend Eryk helping us out. Eventually our friendship with Eryk came to an end and we started getting involved with board games. Recording took a back seat because we felt like it wasnt going to work out. We didnt have a lot of views and no matter how many times we shared it, not many people were watching. Also, our equipment did suck. After the holiday season, we decided to revamp things. We got some new equipment, searched for new games and got a couple of our new friends on board. We've made a couple of new videos and still looking for that right mix of people. Hopefully this year will be our year.

    • 4 years ago

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