About two years ago-ish I found a cool dude that was forming a weekly DnD group through roll20. He was based out of Dallas and was our DM we ran a few weeks and had quite a bit of fun. I came in as a gnome cleric and played it as a person who's main fault was his over zealous curiosity.

We had discussed me coming into Dallas(I live about an hour east of it) to play with his in person group, but we never really got the ball rolling on it. The group ended up breaking up and I meant to keep in contact but life did not allow that, the guy was an amazing DM and fun as hell to chill with over discord. I got to thinking the other day, " well I am back to living in Dallas, and it sure would be cool to join another one of this dude's campaigns." Unfortunately he is no longer under the same user name on discord.

So, what I am hoping to accomplish here is to find my lost DM. All I can tell you is that the campaign started around the beginning of 2017 maybe end of 2016. I have some user names from discord emailing me, I would appreciate anyone's help here.  (these are their discord tags and roll20 at the time ) We have Jubbikami, ThomasTiltTrain ( I seem to think he was the DM not sure though) FlippinMuffins, AbsurdPrince, and Xeroxium. I hope someone here can help out with this.

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